This question comes from Joseph in California.

Hey Victor;

Love your podcast. I have real estate as my primary source of retirement income, so building that portfolio of properties I intend to hold is something I want to do aggressively and smartly. We have $100K to move forward with another property or properties, though the prices are making me shy of moving forward. I’m sensing waiting till the “fenzy” calms down; will make smarter use of money. Even if the interest rates go up a little. I know your crystal ball is broken currently, nor are you here to give me specific personal guidance. I was wondering if your thoughts align with mine. Listening to Robert Kiyosaki; he seems to be waiting till a downturn to start buying. My thoughts are interest rates can always be adjusted after the purchase, though purchase price can’t.

Victor; is my aggressive patience warranted right now?


Host: Victor Menasce