Today is an AMA episode (Ask Me Anything) Today’s question comes from Chris in Philadelphia. He writes:

“I love your RE Espresso podcasts–short and packed with info. Thank you for making these! They’re perfect for my 10min walk to the office.

I recently listened to an episode you did with a fella from Greensboro, North Carolina, and you mentioned this market was heating up.  I was delighted to hear that from you, as this is a potential market my partner and I have identified for multifamily investments.

I know the criteria we used to narrow down on this market, and I’d be happy to share if you’d care to know; but I’m also curious if you could share with me how you drill down on markets, and why specifically you believe Greensboro NC is heating up?  I desire to learn this from you, the seasoned investor, to see if we landed on this market for all the wrong reasons, or to confirm that we are doing our due diligence correctly.”


Host: Victor Menasce