Today’s question come from Aaron. He says:

“Hey Victor!

Thank you for all your wisdom and insight. I consider you the “Real Estate Yoda.” I was curious if you have any previous episodes or other resources about investing in farmland/Rural Land/timberland. I have heard about leasing farmland, but I do not know much about it. Farmland seems like a safe investment through economy recessions as people still need food. For example, possibly buying large acreage (50-200) not far from a major metropolitan area that has high potential for appreciation; maybe it’s highest and best use is leasing it for farmland until one or two decades down the road when maybe its highest and best use is commercial or residential development. Any idea how far away it’s safe to own and lease farmland that is several hours drive/airplane ride away? Just curious your thoughts about investing in those types of real estate.



Host: Victor Menasce


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