On today’s show we’re going to be replaying a conversation that I had with Adam Taggart on the Peak Prosperity Youtube Channel. Peak Prosperity is an organization run by my good friends Dr. Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart. The Peak Prosperity movement has over 1 million followers and they’re dedicated to helping people build resilience into their lives.

I love speaking with Adam. He’s been a guest a few times on the podcast as has his partner Chris. Dr. Chris Martenson holds a phd in pathology from Duke University and he was one of the first people to sound in the alarm about the Covid-19 outbreak back in January of last year. He’s been consistently weeks or months ahead in his reporting compared with the information coming out of government agencies. Adam, similarly has been active in seeking out analysts in the financial markets to understand what is happening beneath the surface that we see reported in the mainstream financial press.

Adam and Chris both continue to make fundamentally life changing contributions to the world of business resilience and human resilience. When we talk about capital, people often just focus on what is in your bank account. Adam and Chris believe that there are 8 forms of capital that make up your life and that if you only focus and cultivate one or two of those forms of capital, you’re not going to make it. Definitely you’re going to want to check them out at peakprosperity.com.