Video conference fatigue has definitely set in. I found myself NOT participating in three conferences this past week that I really wanted to attend. 

I regularly attend the New Orleans Investment Conference each year in New Orleans. It’s the longest running investment conference in the US. The conference organizer Brien Lundin is a friend. Spending time with the attendees is one the highlights of the year. Conferences always have two components: The speakers and the attendees.

I love spending time with the attendees. I find that conferences compress timeframes when it comes to relationship building.

I love spending time with Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart of Peak Prosperity. They had their conference this past weekend.

The Podcast Movement conference is underway and there are some amazing speakers. The content looks fantastic.

Instead I attended two masterminds this past week.

One is with Kyle Wilson. Kyle used to be business partners with Jim Rohn before he died. Kyle has attracted some of the most amazing people into the mastermind. Kyle has been a past guest on the show on Nov 4 of 2018.  I find the time we spend together to be uplifting, grounding, nourishing of the mind and spirit.

There were so many profound things said during the mastermind.

It got me thinking about folks who regularly post quotes on social media. Quotes are fun and thought provoking. But they rarely have lasting impact by themselves. I found that quotes DO have lasting impact when you know the author of the quote, but most importantly the context in which the statement was made.

This week, during the two day mastermind there were so many quotable moments.

I’m going to share three quotes with you from this past weekend. But all of them have a context. So here we go.

The quote first is by Robert Helms. We were talking about the uncertainty that is present in everyday projects. This could be a project delay introduced by the city. It could be the result of a regulation change, a hurricane, or perhaps a pandemic. The reason doesn’t actually matter.

These surprises are like a bend in the road. Robert said “A bend in the road is not the end of the road, unless you fail to make the turn.”

So here we are in 2020, with a bend in the road. So the question for you is, “Are you prepared to make the turn?”

Later in the session we were talking with Dr. Tom Burns. Tom Burns was a guest on the show about a week ago and he has a new book “Why Doctors Don’t Get Rich” launching on October 27. We were talking about how Tom always seems so calm and never in a hurry. Tom is a real estate developer and also an orthopaedic surgeon. I asked Tom how he doesn’t allow the pressure of deadlines to affect his day to day life.

He said very simply. “My Time is not defined by other people’s priorities.” He went on to explain that he rarely feels time conflicts. When his children were young, he would reschedule patient surgeries if it was his day to read stories to the first grade class. He would forego income, and inconvenience his patients because he was clear on what his priorities were.

The third quote is from Mitzi Perdue. Mitzi was married to Frank Perdue from the Perdue Chicken fame. When her husband was in his early 80’s Mitzi and her husband Frank worked together on preparing an ethical will. Now an ethical will is all about legacy. Frank was a wealthy man and no doubt he left a sizeable inheritance to his children. 

But there’s a difference between inheritance and legacy. Inheritance is what you leave your children, whereas legacy is what you leave within your children. So the ethical will was all about legacy. I’m going to share one of the items from his ethical will.

If you want to be happy, think about what you can do for others. If you want to be miserable, think about what is owed to you.