On today’s show We’re talking about the legacy of Covid-19 on the office market.

My company used to have an office location in Sunnyvale in the heart of Silicon Valley. My permanent office was near my home in Ottawa Canada. But I used to visit Sunnyvale frequently. I had staff there. The CEO of the company relocated the headquarters from San Diego to Sunnyvale. When I was visiting the Sunnyvale office, I would sit in a spare cubicle outside the CEO’s office next to the CEO’s assistant. When I was there, the CEO would see me and ask me questions, often as frequently as once an hour. My boss had his office next to the CEO. He too would talk with me far more frequently when I was physically no more than 10 feet outside his office door. But if I was in my home office in Ottawa, the CEO would rarely call me. We might speak once every few weeks. The frequency of communication varied dramatically depending on the physical presence.

Was that a failing of my CEO, of my immediate boss? No, they’re just being human.