Our book this month is Prosper!: How To Prepare for the Future and Create a World Worth Inheriting written by my good friends Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart. They run Peak Prosperity, and organization dedicated to helping people live a rich and sustainable life.

Their book Prosper! is a companion to The Crash Course. It shows the way that our society is living in a way that is destined to break down. Arguably crises like the one the world is facing right now with the Covid 19 outbreak is an excellent case study.

In the book Prosper, Chris and Adam outline many of the things that can happen in a moment of crisis. In fact, we’re seeing these scenes play out in many communities all over the world. We’re seeing lines to enter the grocery store in Korea, in Milan, and in Aukland New Zealand which just reported its first case of the Corona Virus.

In the book Prosper, Chris and Adam outline the steps you can take to build a resilient life. This isn’t just a single thing. We live in a world where black swan events do happen. They’re rare, but they happen. We’ve had two World Wars in the past century. We’ve had several major economic recessions including a decade long depression. We’ve had terrorist attacks and natural disasters. In the past twenty years we’ve had four outbreaks of highly infectious disease that have threatened our health care systems and killed tens of thousands.

Any one of these types of events can have a profound impact on our daily life if we’re not prepared. Now I’m not talking about building a concrete bunker 100 feet below your house and stocking a year worth of food and water. That’s for the doomsday prep community. We’re talking about investing in 8 forms of capital that will prepare you well in the event of a crisis. If the crisis never happens, it will give you a richer life.

  1. Financial Capital
  2. Living Capital
  3. Material Capital
  4. Knowledge Capital
  5. Emotional and Spiritual Capital
  6. Social Capital
  7. Cultural Capital
  8. Time Capital

I found the book prosper to be a real wake-up call and it has helped me bring focus to what’s important.

With this current global crisis, I’ve been following Chris and Adam’s recommendations and I have to tell you I feel very secure knowing that I have prepared a deep pantry with several months of food. If the supermarkets were to be emptied tomorrow, there are definitely some things we would miss like fresh vegetables. But we would survive without any worry whatsoever. There’s a comfort that comes from knowing that the grocery store could close for a month or more and I’d be fine. I could be quarantined for 30 or 60 days and be very comfortable.

If you haven’t been following Chris’s daily updates on YouTube, I really urge you to look them up. They reveal a perspective that is not being shared widely in the mainstream media. But I can tell you that everything he shares is well researched and has no agenda apart from keeping you informed.