A milestone date is just another day, or is it? As we enter 2020, the only thing that’s different is that we are a day older, either more tired, or better rested, depending on what you did in the past 24 hours.

It’s part of the social dialog to set New Year Resolutions. The fact is, less than 4% of the population actually set goals, and then the subset who do usually don’t meet their goals. So against those troubling statistics, it’s tempting to give up.

I’ve discovered that the secret is to setting habit goals and putting those at the forefront of your daily practice. Habits govern the thousands of micro-decisions that make up your day, your month and ultimately your life.

The result of doing is doing. The result of not doing is not doing. The result of trying is trying. The result of wanting is wanting. The only thing that counts is the decision to do or not do.

As you go into 2020, take the time today, before the phones start ringing, before the laundry needs to be done to map out 3 habits that you decide (not want) to make part of your daily practice.

You might be thinking, it’s already past the start of the year, and you’ve missed the opportunity to set goals. It’s too late. If that’s what you’re thinking, let me be the first to suggest that you let go of that story. That’s an arbitrary story that originated in your own mind. Today is a day, like any other. But you could choose to make today different. It could be the day you decide to establish some new habits.

You might be looking to establish a new work habit. Perhaps you will turn off your phone for two hours every day, early in the day to make sure you have time with no interruptions to get focus work done. You might decide to confine your meetings to the afternoons only and make sure you have productive time in the mornings.

You might be looking to establish a health goal. Maybe you want to get into a new sleep routine, or a new eating routine.

You might be looking to establish a health goal. Maybe you want to get into a new sleep routine, or a new eating routine.

You might have a family goal to spend more one on one time without interruptions each day. Being present with your family is a gift. I see so many people in restaurants having dinner together, but separately. They’re facing each other, but looking down onto a screen. The problem isn’t the electronics. It’s a decision to prioritize the stimulation of an electronic device and avoid the vulnerability of a face to face, eye to eye conversation. Everyone can carve out 30 minutes, or 60 minutes without an electronic device causing distractions. Ultimately it’s those personal connections that make the difference in the quality of your daily life.

If you’re experiencing stress on a daily basis, it means that you’re spending too much of your day doing things that are not in alignment with your core values. If you allow your day to get filled up with things that are not in alignment with your most closely held values, then you will be unhappy. It means that you’re living your day, your life for someone else’s values, but not yours. Maybe it’s fear of disappointment that’s driving you, maybe it’s fear of looking bad against some measure that’s only serving your ego. Whatever it is, bringing your values into alignment with your daily decisions is the secret. If you spend enough of your day feeding your true core values, you can’t possibly be unhappy.

Don’t wait for a milestone date to make the decision. Start living your life for you, authentically, purposefully, decisively.

I wish for your all the health, happiness, and success in 2020 and the coming decade. Today is just another day, maybe the day you decide to integrate new habits into your life. Go make some great things happen.