Thank you to all the loyal listeners. Producing a show each day has turned into a labor of love for me. I truly appreciate the letters and emails that I receive from you. I’d like to read a message I received earlier this week from Dr. Kevin Hsu in NYC. He writes,

Dear Victor.

My main reason to contact you was just to say thanks for sharing your insights. I just found your podcast in the past couple weeks.

I appreciate your message about the 5 principles and there is a correlation with my field. My Patients’ compliance is affected by how much trust, and relationship there is. The idea of never “selling” my patients any procedure is dear to my heart. Treat them how I treat my mom. If I educate them properly they will come to me when they decide they need the procedure.

After reading Rich Dad Poor Dad maybe 15 yrs ago during residency. I admit I didn’t really put it into practice. I only recently started listening again after a friend approached me about a syndication. Since I didn’t know much about it I wanted to educate myself. First place I went was Kiyosaki’s podcast/YouTube. First one I heard was your interview on Assisted living. Then went to your Real Estate Espresso podcast and heard your interview with Josh McCallen on work family balance. I thought it was so relevant and positive. Thankfully I have a wife who is practical and keeps me grounded. 🙂

Then I listened to your interview with Dr. Jeff Anzelone, and another light bulb went off in my head. I thought Wow! Jeff is describing what I’be been through. Med school loans. Pay them off and now what? So I contacted him and we had a great phone chat last week.

In summary as I embark on a rejuvenation to learning principles of cash flow, just wanted to say I can’t thank you enough for your teaching, and being an example of a businessman who is a family man. I’m also glad I didn’t just google “real estate” or something and end up on some random scammer site but rather got plugged into podcasts of trustworthy investors like yourself. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Thank you Kevin for the kind words and it makes me happy to know that the show is having an impact. Congratulations on continuing your own personal and professional growth. I know so many professionals who worked really hard in University, and then once they got into the workforce, they stopped learning.

I truly believe that personal growth is one of those fundamental daily needs like food, water, love, and oxygen.

As business people, as entrepreneurs, there are only a few genuine places where these conversations are happening. I’m glad that the podcast is starting a conversation. As much as the podcast exists online, the real world is offline.

Finding like minded people is truly where the journey starts for me.

I like that you didn’t consume the podcast passively. You took action and reached out to one of my guests. Very few people do that. It’s easy to think of a book as an inanimate object, or a youtube video as a piece of content. A podcast is just a show.

I don’t think of it that way. In fact, as I look at the bookshelf in my office, it turns out that 3/4 of the books on the shelf, I know the author personally. That’s pretty unusual. Many of the books are signed by the author. Even though I have read the books, I can’t seem to part with them. The signature on the inside jacket represents a personal connection with the author.

There is an endless supply of learning. I spent this morning reading and incorporating the learning into myself. It’s amazing how these little steps, one by one, little by little, add up over an extended period of time to move you. Darren Hardy talks about this in his book the Compound Effect.