Today’s episode comes to us directly from Simon Black. If you don’t know Simon Black or know of him, he publishes the wildly popular Sovereign Man Newsletter. 

Today’s episode is the story of Tom’s Diner in Denver, Colorado. It’s about how some local activists nearly stole $5M in real estate value from the owner of a piece of real estate. 

I want to thank Simon Black for writing today’s piece. If you don’t subscribe to Simon’s daily newsletter, I highly recommend it. He offers a perspective that few other in the world have. Simon’s a smart dude. He’s a former US intelligence officer and he served his country in Iraq during the Iraq war. Given his role in sending military intelligence information back to Washington, he was naturally surprised to see the news about Weapons of Mass Destruction. Simon and his colleagues looked at each other and said “What are they talking about? What Weapons of Mass Destruction?” That seminal moment put him on a quest to dig deeper and find the real story behind the story that is so often glossed over in the media, or mis-reported altogether.