Billy from Barcelona Spain asks:

I’ve been listening to you RE Espresso podcast recently and I really enjoy your perspective and the content…

I’ve been thinking of starting a podcast and have gotten stuck on the design of the show, and some of the technical aspects of creating a podcast. What has been your experience in producing a daily show?

Billy, that’s a great question. 

I had three main ideas in designing the show. 

1) I felt that if I was going to get good at podcasting, it would need to be a regular show. Putting out a show once a week, or less didn’t seem to make sense to me. 

 2) The current population of podcast listeners is about 75 million people in the US. It’s growing about 15% -20% per year. Those listeners on average subscribe to 6 and listen to 5 because that’s all they have time for. 

Increasingly, podcasting is attracting the same kind of attention and production values that radio and TV have been known for. The major networks are starting to enter the fray with well produced shows. If I’m going to be one of 5-6 shows, I need to be that good. 

3) I’m a huge fan of Seth Godin. He’s written 18 books in his career so far. 

He has a daily blog that aims to communicate one idea each day. Not two, not three, just one. That idea seemed very appealing to me. 

So I designed a show that incorporated those three ideas at the core of the show. 

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