On today’s episode we’re talking about how you can prevent the next violent social revolution. History has seen its share of violent uprisings. 

The French revolution which began in 1789 was not just a single event this was a protracted period of a people that lasted over 10 years. The causes of the French revolution or complex and still debated amongst historians. The French revolution took place after a seven-year war and the American Revolution. The French government was deeply in debt. it attempted it’s financial status through some pretty unpopular taxation’s games. Years of worsening living conditions for the general population combined with several years of bad harvests inflamed popular resentment of the privileges enjoyed by the establishment and the Aristocracy. 

The American Revolution was a Revolt that took place also over an extended period of time. It started in 1765 and ended in 1783.

I believe we are witnessing a moment in history right now that is not that different from the early days of the French revolution.

The yellow vest movement has brought hundreds of thousands of protesters into the streets all over France for 15 weeks in a row.

The five star movement in Italy which was elected to lead the current governing coalition had its roots roots in a similar Anti establishment popular uprising.

Increasingly a disenfranchised segment of the population is looking to government to solve the problem. There is no question that there are millions of honest hard-working people who are struggling to create and maintain a minimum living standard.

I believe that lack of financial education is one of the major causes of financial hardship, and what will emerge as social unrest.

Even in the United States there are political movements afoot that could be enormously destabilizing. One of the best examples is Alexandria Ocasio Cortez who was recently elected to the US Congress. She was a very vocal opponent of Amazon creating jobs and investing in the New York area.

When the population is angry and politicians get elected who don’t have the most basic understanding of grade 3 level arithmetic, the outcome can be extremely dangerous. The newly elected Congress woman does not understand the difference between a tax reduction and a tax credit. 

Most of us would agree that there’s a big difference between a gift card and a discount. You can’t spend a discount but you can spend the gift card. Amazon was given a discount not a gift card. When politicians who don’t understand the difference between a gift card and a discount further confused and in rage the public , The results can be highly unpredictable. Arguments get made and they are completely irrational and have no basis in actual fact. Whether the lie is intentional or simply naïve, both are equally dangerous.

This is where the importance of financial education comes into play. Every single one of us shares a burden of responsibility for ensuring not only that our children become financially educated, but also those members of our society who are most Disconnected from understanding how money and our financial system works.

If we fail the educator society on how money works, more and more members of our society will continue to look up in the sky with arms outstretched waiting for the giant piggy bank in the sky to shower money up on them. If the piggy bank doesn’t produce enough, they will band together and smash the piggy bank in a violent uprising.

If you don’t believe me, take a deeper look at what’s happening in France right now. These are not just the usual protests in the center of Paris or in other major cities like Lyon. These protests are occurring even in small villages and towns all over the country.