On today’s episode we are asking a very simple but important question. It’s a question that I believe rarely gets asked when considering a property. 

The question is, “Who would choose to live in this property and are they someone who I want to have as a client?” 

If I improve the property, will that change change enough about the property to attract my ideal client?

If the property is a single family home on a nice street with mature trees and all the surrounding properties are well kept with new cars in the driveway, who will choose to live here?

If the property is a 1960’s 4-Plex and the paint on the trim is peeling and there are two broken cars in the driveway that clearly haven’t moved in a long time, who will choose to live here? Is that client my ideal target client? 

If the property is a 2 BR condo in a luxury building with amazing amenities and gorgeous views of the Rocky Mountains and is a short walking distance to Main Street shops and restaurants, who will be my target client?

You don’t need to choose a property where only you would choose to live. That might rule out too many good opportunities. But you do need to identify the client who will choose to live here and insert yourself into the narrative of their life, even for a few minutes. When you do that, it’s time to ask a few important questions. 

  1. If I choose to live here, is it perfect for my lifestyle?
  2. Can I afford it?
  3. Can I see myself here for a long time?
  4. When I invite my friends and family to visit, would they be proud of me for living here? 

These are very simple but powerful questions that may give you additional insight into the property that you are about to buy. 

This is what in marketing is often called the customer avatar. It’s a specific individual who exists in real life. They are your ideal client. You know them well. You know what they like. You know their values.