In order to be considered for book of the month, the book must meet a very simple criteria.
It has to capable of changing you life, or your perspective on the world. Of course, whether it changes your life is up to you. You can consume the content, remark on how good it is and then continue your life without making any changes. In fact, that’s what most people do. If that’s what you do, you’re missing the point. 
In fact, it’s entirely possible that many of you have read it. At the same time, I’ve received enough questions lately that tell me this book will make a difference for you. Even if you’ve read it before, this book is so fundamental, that it’s worth a refresh.
The book is the E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber. 
The E in the title stands for Entrepreneurship.
The book is written as a narrative, as a fable. It’s the story of Sarah, a young lady who loves to bake pies. So much so that she decides she’s going to open a bakery. 
This is so common a story. We’re told to pursue our passion and to turn our passion into a business. 
There are two main characters in the story. There is Sarah, and there is the author of the book, who in this case is cast as a business consultant. 
 What I like about E-Myth is the clarity and simplicity of Michael Gerber’s model. It’s easy to identify when one of the players in your business is out of position. It’s easy to see when the business owner is wearing to many hats. It’s also easy to see where the structure is missing.