On Today’s show we’re talking about a new type of nomadic worker. When we talk about nomadic workers, it conjures up an image of a hipster twenty something in shorts and a T-shirt drinking a cappuccino from an Internet café in Fiji.

They are living the lifestyle.

I am not talking about these people.

There’s entirely another type of nomadic worker focused on the construction industry. These people travel around the country and work on major construction projects.

Some of them specialize in heavy earth moving equipment. Some are welders, pipefitters, electricians, and truck drivers. In addition to having a high paying job, they also get a daily housing allowance. The construction companies understand that they are coming for only a temporary assignment.

In areas where there are large industrial mega projects under construction, Hotels can be surprisingly expensive and in short supply. The daily housing allowance is not usually sufficient to cover the cost of the hotel or even a short-term furnished rental.

These nomadic workers prefer to purchase an RV and use their daily allowance towards a monthly payment on an RV. It is a good deal for the construction workers because the housing allowance will cover more than the daily cost of an RV site and their monthly payment.