On today’s show we’re talking about the top 3 employee retention mistakes that I see employers make. It’s been said that people are the key to your business. That’s true of any business and Real estate is a business just like any other business.

Employee turnover is incredibly expensive for any business for multiple reasons.
Before someone leaves, they’ve already taken their foot off the gas and are coasting
You will experience a period of time when the organization is short-handed
You need to spend the time and money to train someone new after you’ve already spent that money once before, or perhaps more.

So what are the three top employee retention mistakes that I see?

Failing to train your staff and set expectations
Failing to give employees a professional growth path
Failing to trust employees

We go into them in more detail. Have a listen.

Top 3 Employee Retention Mistakes

by Victor Menasce | Real Estate Espresso Podcast