Happy Thanks giving to our listeners in the US. Whether you’ve traveled to celebrate thanksgiving with family, or if you’re taking a it easy at home. It’s a time to reflect upon the year to date, and recharge your personal batteries.

Take the time to revisit your goals from the start of the year. If you’re like most people, there are still a few that have yet to be completed. Perhaps there are a lot. Who knows?

If you’re Canadian, you celebrated Thanksgiving back in October. What I’m talking about today is every bit as much for you as it is for people south of the border.

The period between US Thanksgiving and the end of the year is one where many people’s priorities shift. Some people are thinking a lot less about work. They may be planning time with family over the holidays in December.

Take some quiet time this weekend to write down a few vitally important things. These are so important that I don’t consider them optional for anyone who is serious about achieving their goals. Listen to find out what they are….

Sprint To The Finish Line

by Victor Menasce | Real Estate Espresso Podcast