On today’s episode we are examining the larger implications of Amazons Second headquarters or HQ2 to the company’s expansion plans. Last week Amazon announced that they plan to split their planned Technology hub expansion between two cities instead of one. Key to Amazon growth is access to talent.

The 50,000 jobs that Amazon points to create over the next several years are technology jobs. They’re looking to hire software developers, mobile content developers. This isn’t just about hiring. Let’s think ahead. If Amazon is doubling their core technology workforce which makes up the backbone of the company, they are forecasting at least a doubling of the size of the company as well. Imagine a world where Amazon has twice the market footprint compared with today. This week New York City, and Washington DC are celebrating the coming influx of 50,000 high paying technology jobs. Where there is a big winner in this game, there are numerous small losers spread all over the country.

Amazon in New York City

by Victor Menasce | Real Estate Espresso Podcast