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Victor is a frequent guest on radio and television. He is the consummate educator, and loves to engage the host and the audience in the fundamentals of investing, relationship building, and raising capital. He speaks regularly on stage and is equally engaging to audiences of tens or thousands.

Victor is equally comfortable in studio, on stage, on the phone, live, or pre-recorded. His own recording studio captures high quality audio during a recorded phone interview to recreate the quality of a studio interview.

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To book Victor as a speaker or as a guest, please email: media [at] or call 1-347-708-8383.



To appear as a guest on The Real Estate Espresso Podcast, connect directly with the host at info [at] Or feel free to use the awesome Find Radio Guests service.

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Sample Segments

Recent Media Appearances

Victor on Street Smart Real Estate Podcast

This episode is hosted by Jarek Bucholc, host of Street Smart Real Estate Investing. Victor Menasce is a managing partner with Southlake Developments, a premier builder of multifamily projects. He is the author of the book Magnetic Capital and is the host of the daily...

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Victor on The Real Estate Guys Radio Show

This episode is all about market selection. Too often, investors ignore the laws of supply and demand. This action packed show is full of gems from two of the best known hosts in the industry. 

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Victor on Simple Passive Cashflow Podcast

Talking with show host Lane Kawaoka about raising capital to scale your business. Larger projects all require a team approach. You need operational excellence, strong fiscal management, and capital raising expertise. If you're struggling to raise money, it's because...

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Victor on EOFire Podcast

Talking with show host John Lee Dumas about the 5 principles of raising capital. Most entrepreneurs struggle to raise money. They have no idea why. It's because they're missing one or more of the 5 principles of raising money. They need to be really solid on:...

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Victor on Business Innovators Radio

This week I was one of the featured guests on The Business Innovators Radio Show. This Atlanta based show is hosted by Neil Howe. In this episode, we're talking about the 5 principles of raising capital. So many entrepreneurs struggle to raise funds. It's because they...

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Book Victor

To book Victor as a speaker or as a guest, please email: media [at] or call 1-347-708-8383