George Ross Mastermind – December 2018

This month's call centered around development projects and the financing for those. There are so many ways to finance a project and some carry more risk than others.  George's experience and penetrating clarity translated into wise advice. Check it out.

George Ross Mastermind – November 2018

This month's call centered around multiple real life problems that our subscribers are facing in their projects. Whether it is a problem with a project partner, a cost over-run, or a title defect on a property. Problems abound. George's experience and penetrating...

Victor on Street Smart Real Estate Podcast

This episode is hosted by Jarek Bucholc, host of Street Smart Real Estate Investing. Victor Menasce is a managing partner with Southlake Developments, a premier builder of multifamily projects. He is the author of the book Magnetic Capital and is the host of the daily...

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